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Smart Unfollowing

Automated unfollowing is as essential to the promotion on Instagram as massfollowing, since it helps to draw a line between effective promotion and plain spamming.

Instagram has a daily limit on subscriptions — it’s about 1000 follows per day. Most of the users can’t follow more than 7500 people without unfollowing someone.

Auto unfollow feature lets the users stay in the safe zone of Instagram limits. How it works: TargetLike follows the Instagram users and some time after (this period of time can be set by the user) it unfollows them.

How do I set auto unfollowing?

Open the new task and the type “Follow”. Here you will find the “auto unfollowing” section — enable it and set the number of days after which the services should unfollow the subscriptions. We recommend setting the period for 3 days. Most of the users on Instagram are frequently active (taking into consideration how popular the social media is now), that’s why the percentage of “delayed” follow-backs is small.

Auto unfollowing is also useful for keeping you account “clean”. Follow the target audience and unfollow them as a couple of days have passed, so you won’t have you news feed bloated with posts. Especially — posts of those who haven’t followed you back.

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