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All of the actions performed by TargetLike on behalf of your account are meant for getting the same reaction from the users. That’s why massliking is targeted more towards increasing engagement, but some of the users may respond by not only liking your pictures, but also following you back.

How do I create a massliking task?

On the service’s dashboard you can see all of the added Instagram accounts. To view the task for the specific account, click the “Tasks” button.

Press the “New task” button and choose the type ‘Like”.

The task is configured by the same criteria as the “Massfollowing”:

  • Location: like the users from a specific country and city;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Topics: represent the interests of Instagram users. Tech, sport, animals or fashion — you will easily find those you are looking for.

Other settings are similar to the ones of “Massfollowing”:

  • Competitors: it’s obvious that you and your competitors have almost the same target audience. Just enter competitors’ usernames into the service and it will like their followers;
  • Hashtags: users with specific interests surely use relevant hashtags. Type the hashtags in and TargetLike will like the ones using those hashtags;
  • List: will save you time when you exactly know who to target. Upload the list of usernames and the work is done.

To keep your account away from ban, TargetLike lets you control the speed of task. There’re three levels: slow, medium and fast. Apart from that, the services does some tricks on his own:

  • If the users creates a task identical to the existing one, the service will stop the previously created task and will start the new one;
  • When not careful with the service, the Instagram can warn you for being “too active”. In this case, the service will stop working for 1 hour;
  • TargetLike makes use of short and long breaks: every hour the services switches tasks, and every 16-17 hour it takes a 8-hour break, imitating the human behavior.

Need to increase ER and gain some followers? Set the tasks for liking (and also following and commenting) and watch the number skyrocket.

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