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Massfollowing on Instagram is one of the major methods to get your account noticed by your potential followers. It all works according to the law of average: the more people you follow, the more people follow you back. There’s no need for bots, bying likes or any other ritual: you just provoke people to look at your account. If they like what they see, they will reward you with a follow-back.

How do I create a following task?

On the dashboard you can see all of the added accounts. One click on the “Tasks” button — and you’ll see the tasks assigned to the account.

At the top of the list click “New task”

TargetLike has an upper hand over the “manual” promotion of the Instagram account: it not only saves you a lot of time, but also keeps you from wandering in the dark in a way. Because following random Instagram users and hoping that they would be interested in your account is as productive as trying to sell a hair brush to a bald person. TargetLike has a pack of setting that allowing you set the exact audience you want to work with.

The service lets you set the audience targeting (you can learn more about target audience here using these criteria:

  • Location: set the country and the city you want to find the audience from;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Topics: they represent what the users are interested in on Instagram. If you sell clothes, it would be better for you to target users interested in fashion.

For more precision — more settings:

  • Competitors: type in the usernames of your rivals and the service will follow their audience;
  • Hashtags: those are for segmenting Instagram users. If you sell propane, for instance, you can use hashtags like #propane, #fuel and so on. And TargetLike will find the audience you need;
  • List: you take the pre-composed list of accounts, upload it to TargetLike — and it follows those people. Pretty simple.

Just like any other task of TargetLike, massfollowing has three speed levels at which it can be performed: slow, medium and fast. You can vary the speed in order not to get banned on Instagram for spamming.

TargetLike has a couple more tricks to keep your account safe:

  • The service never lets two identical tasks perform at the same time. It will pause the previous task and start the new one;
  • If working at fast speed for a long time, your account can get a notice from Instagram. If so, the service will stop the task for 1 hour;
  • TargetLike also makes short and long pauses: after every hour it switches tasks, and after working for 16-17 hours — it makes a 8-hour pause.

Masfollowing — the first and the most important tool of automated Instagram promotion. TargetLike lets you target your audience with precision and it’s algorithms will keep your account safe from ban. We strongly recommend using that feature along with auto unfollowing, since as you reached the limit of 7500 subscriptions, the Instagram won’t let you follow any more users.

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