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Direct messaging

Instagram promotion is about all-round growth of your account, which means not only gaining followers, but also making sure that other criteria of your account’s popularity are growing as well. For example, users’ interaction with your account.

TargetLike can also help you work on ER. Automated liking and commenting can increase that index, but if you want something more efficient — Direct messaging is right for you.

How do I create a Direct messaging task?

You can see all of the added accounts on the dashboard. Press the “Tasks” button on certain account’s card and you will see all the tasks assigned to it.

Click the “New task” button and choose the type “Direct message”.

The setting for that task are:

  • You can set the template of the message which will be sent to users. You can make an interesting offer, give a discount or just say thanks for following you;
  • Upload the list of usernames you want to send a message.

Send gratitudes, offers or announcements — in just a couple of clicks. People will feel engaged and will respond by viewing your account, liking some of the picture and even following you back.

To provoke even more interaction with your account, you should also keep the quality of your content engaging: give discounts, answer users’ questions, write a small post about your field of business.

You can’t have our service write all of it for you, but you can still use it to automate some of the work. For instance, if you are holding a contest — let you followers know about it with the Direct messaging.

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