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Commenting on Instagram — is a good promotion tool. The feature is meant for getting your account noticed and gaining followers. By leaving the comments under the posts of popular accounts, you can draw the audience’s attention and even start a conversation.

How do I create a commenting task?

At the service’s dashboard you can see all of the account added. To view the tasks assigned to a specific account, click the “Tasks” button.

Click the “New task” button and choose the type “Comment”.

The settings for commenting are more detailed than those of Direct messaging:

  • You can type in a couple of phrases separating them with the “;”, or by pressing “Enter”;
  • Location: you can target Instagram users from a specific country and city;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Topics: those are the audience’s interests. Find the users you need with ease — whether they are athletes or businessmen, musicians or cooks.

Talking about remaining preferences:

  • Competitors: they surely have the audience you need;
  • Hashtags: the users can easily be found by the themed tags;
  • List: saves you time when you know the user you want to work with. Just upload the list of usernames and the work is done.

Commenting — is a great way to gain some attention and boost you account’s growth. Automate this process and make you Instagram promotion a whole lot easier.

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