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Auto Unfollowing

When promoting your account on Instagram with the help of massfollowing, there’s a common rule: the number of your follows will grow faster than the number of your followers.

To help you keep your news feed in order and your account in safety — TargetLike offers the unfollow feature.

It’s quite easy to understand: TargetLike unfollows all the users you followed yourself or using the service.

How do I create an unfollow task?

Find the account you need on the dashboard. To get to the task of the account, click the “Tasks” button.

Press the “New task” button and choose the type “Unfollow”. You will be presented with three workflows. The service will unfollow:

  • all subscriptions;
  • all of those users who haven’t followed you back;
  • from list: just upload to the service the list of users you don’t want to see among your subscriptions.

Just like all other tasks, it can be performed at three speed levels: slow, medium and fast.

Unfollowing those “no follow-backs” is essential for those promoting their Instagram account and for those who just want to keep it clean. Use this feature along with Massfollowing and you will have your account growing naturally and safely.

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